Rep Intelligence was created to be used as a voice to help build up our communities. Not only are there those within our community who add to our own destruction but there are those on the outside that would love to watch it happen. The time is now for us to stand together and focus on our healing.

 To my young people, I want y'all to understand that you don't have to "dummy-down" and sell your soul in order to be successful. Not only are you intelligent and talented but you come from greatness! And your proof of this is in our history. Just take a look back at those that came before you. To my generation, the time is now for us to take a stand and say "enough is enough". Our young people are watching and listening, so we need to stand strong in opposition of those who preach ignorant bullshit and hate in our communities. To the older generation, we need you. We need your teachings, your words and your encouragement in order to make this work.

So I "Thank you" in advance for your support.  And  even if you don't support the "Rep Intelligence" brand, I implore you to find something positive to support and stand behind it. Because not only will you be helping our generation to leave a positive legacy for our young people but you'll be helping to leave a positive legacy for our culture at large.